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Preparing Cocktails

Service Pricing

Our bar packages are customized for all different types of events. Pricing will depend on the number of guests and cocktail difficulty levels. For example, using mixers will be much easier than using real fruits and sweeteners. The number of guests will also alter the pricing. 


Prices are for the first 4 hours and $40/hour after that, please adjust for the number of guests.

  • With Tip Jar:

    • $400 - for up to 50 people for the first 4 hours, then $40/hour.

    • Add $100 per 50 people above the first 50 and $10 per hour after that. 

    • Ex.: 200 people= $700 + $70/per hour after the first 4.

  • Without Tip Jar:

    • $500 - for up to 50 people for the first 4 hours, then $50/hour.

    • Add $125 per 50 people above the first 50 and $15 per hour after that. 

    • Ex.: 200 people = $875 + $95/hour after the first 4.




Looking to have a themed party?

Let us help you come up with the perfect menu. We can find the right color, name, and taste of your cocktails to help emphasize your theme!



From a small dinner to a larger house party allow us to ensure that your guests are satisfied with every drink. We will make sure that your guests are properly served and that the drinks are made with quality in mind.



We are an LBTQ friendly company that targets people who want to have a fun time in an environment where alcohol is appreciated for its art. As a fun, social, and friendly bartender I am here to provide you with the best service possible during any event. 



Everything needed to run a bar is available. I can bring my own small or large bar, depending on your needs. Pourers to ensure a perfect pour every time are included. I bring my own tools. If you have your own station, let us know. Call now to discuss pricing. 

  • ​Mobile bar available. 

  • We are able to bring garnishes 

  • Happy to help you create a signature cocktail(s) 

  • Tastings available 

We will also help you with a personalized shopping list of what to buy, based on your guests. Pricing is based on how you want the bar to run. Cash bar options are available. Tip and non-tip jar options will also alter the price. I can bring the alcohol or you can provide it. 

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